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Adventures in Scandinavian Traditions - Hemslöjd Swedish Gifts
Image about Dala Horses

Dala Horses

The handcarved and painted Dala Horse has become a symbol of authentic Swedish handicraft and one of Sweden's most popular souvenirs.

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The tomte is reputed to safeguard the farmer and his family, as well as the land the farmer owned or worked on against any misfortune.

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All Things Viking

From pillaging and plundering to perfectly playful, our collection of authentic and modern Viking awesomeness is outlawed in 14 states.

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Holiday Items

From Christmas in July to Easter on... well, Easter. Not to mention everything in between.All your Swedish holiday décor and more is right here.

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Happy Swede

"Hemslojd Swedish Gifts, in Lindsborg, KS, is the US home of the Dala horse. Lindsborg is a Swedish town in central Kansas. The town is clean, fun, industrious and has a friendly, pleasant populace, proud of their strong Scandinavian heritage, Hemslojd is the archetypical... business of..."



"Hemslojd carries everything Scandinavian. From Tomtes to books to food. You can find anything that has to do with Sweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland. They're located in a small town, Lindsborg, also known as Little Sweden. I will definitely be back!"


Outstanding Service!

"I was very pleased with the service and product I received. You helped me make selections for St Lucia Day and they arrived in time, even though I ordered at the last minute. You absolutely made our Christmas wonderful!"


My Favorite Shopping Site!

" is my favorite shopping site! Whether it is for personal items or gifts for my large Swedish family, or for my friends when I’m looking for "something they don’t already own," I am never disappointed. It is especially fun to shop for almanacker or Jul mat or decorations, or Midsommar or Easter decorations. All goods are of..."


Great Selection

"Great selection of Scandinavian gifts, table wear, table coverings and holiday items."


I Love Hemslojd!

"Awesome, awesome Scandinavian store!"


Such a Unique Swedish Store

"Every year we always make sure to spend a full day up in Lindsborg at least once since we only live about an hour and a half away. I love this place so much, and I always make sure to stop by this cute little store. In the back is a woman who spends all day hand painting these beautiful Dala horses, and you can even pick out one..."


Unique Swedish Gifts

"Great Swedish gift shop! Lots of unique merchandise, great quality and service. Wonderful Dala horse factory! Must see in Lindsborg."

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Home Page: Little Sweden USA #3

Little Sweden USA


Lindsborg, Kansas, also known as “Little Sweden, USA,” was settled by Swedish immigrants in the 1860s. Lindsborg and its beautiful downtown – lined with small retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and galleries – are enjoyed by visitors from throughout the world. Nestled in the Smoky Valley, Lindsborg is world-renowned for its Swedish heritage and love of the arts. Locals and visitors love celebrating Swedish traditions year-round, including St. Lucia, Midsummer (Midsommar), King Knut’s Day, and even Våffeldagen! Come celebrate these festivities with us at our gift shop at 201 North Main Street. We’d love to hear from you! Watch our blog for information about the upcoming events and more.

Hemslöjd News

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Easter greetings from Hemslöjd

Easter greetings from Hemslöjd

The owners of the Hemslöjd would like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy Easter and thank our many customers throughout the world.

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Welcome to Hemslö

Welcome to Hemslö

We are excited to announce our most recent step and that is a newly designed website. Our team has been working on this for almost a year.

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Lindsborg, KS: Little Sweden, USA

Lindsborg, KS: Little Sweden, USA

Lindsborg, Kansas, aka “Little Sweden, USA,” was settled in the 1860s. One hundred fifty years later, Swedish traditions abound in daily life.

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The History of the Dala Horse

The History of the Dala Horse

Explore the history of the happy little horses that epitomize Swedish culture and heritage.

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About Dala Horses

About Dala Horses

Over the years the hand-carved and painted Dala Horse has become a symbol of authentic Swedish handicraft and one of Sweden's most popular souvenirs.

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Dala Horses and Lindsborg

Dala Horses and Lindsborg

Founded by Swedish immigrants in 1868, Lindsborg has emerged as an unusual blend of cultural heritage, education, visual arts, agriculture, music, theater, and more than its share of independent thinkers.

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