Wool Mittens -- Ringdans Ebba Pattern

Wool Mittens -- Ringdans Ebba Pattern
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    These gorgeous wool mittens are from Swedish designer Åse Öjbro, founder of Öjbro Vantfabrik. Using Italian merino wool, Åse has created mittens with patterns inspired by Sweden. 
    Each pair of mittens has four layers of insulation to trap air and keep the wearer's hands warm. These mittens are wind resistant and washable in a wool setting. They need to be put around your hands while wet to allow for shaping. 
    While medium, or lagom, size fits most hands, other sizes include small (mindre) and large (rejäl). Medium size corresponds with glove size 7-9; small corresponds with size 6; & large corresponds with size 10-11.

    Every pattern has a story:
    The Ringdans Ebba, or Ring Dance, pattern is inspired by the Swedish folk song "The Maiden is Dancing with Red Gull Ribbons" and is patterned in traditional colors. The song was composed by Hugo Alfvén, who created more than 200 pieces. He wrote choral arrangements as well as orchestral works. The pattern on these mittens shows the high stepping dancers framed by red gull ribbons and horse pairs close to the wrist. 

    Designer's note: "I wanted to evoke movement and color integrated with Swedish folklore and tradition in a joyful pattern for wool mittens. I clearly remember me and my family dancing around the Christmas tree during my youth."
    Small (midre)
    Medium (lagom)
    Large (rejäl)