The Clever Hook (Reg. $12.95)

The Clever Hook (Reg. $12.95)
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    In the kitchen, mudroom, bath or bedroom-- Why fuss with towel or jacket loops when you can hang your item without even looking? The Clever Hook™ works on gravity to actually “grab” whatever you put on it. This means the heavier the item – the better the grab. The truly "clever" design is easy for kids to use, as well as older folks who might be having trouble with their sight or dexterity. The Clever Hooks™ have been tested to hold up to 40 lbs! That is of course granted that the wall it is screwed into will hold as much. Each Clever Hook™ is delivered with 2 wood screws ready for mounting. Available in durable plastic housings. The transparent red hook allows the ingenious interior workings to be visible. 3-7/8" tall, top edge 1-1/4", bottom edge 2-1/4", and the hook comes out 1". Made in Sweden. (Not all colors pictured are available.)