Läkerol Lozenges

Läkerol Lozenges
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    Läkerol Lozenges from Sweden are great everyday, anytime candies. Keep a box in your purse, pocket, or desk drawer for when your throat is a little scratchy, your plane is about to take off or land, or you just need a fresh taste. "Original" and "Special" flavors are licorice based, which is a real favorite among Swedes and Scandinavians, and is a nice change from the sweetness of the usual mint candies. Licorice freshens your breath and menthol wakes your taste buds and clears your sinuses. These little candies are not too big, so you can be discrete with them. It's easy to see why millions of boxes are sold in Sweden every year.

    All are sugar free and low calorie! .8 oz. Made in Sweden.
    Red - Menthol Licorice
    Green - Herb Menthol
    Purple - Black Currant
    Brown - Salty Caramel
    Pink - Raspberry Lemongrass