Dala Horse Chocolate Candy, asst (reg. 23.95)

Dala Horse Chocolate Candy, asst (reg. 23.95)
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    A box of uniquely shaped Dala horse chocolates is a wonderful gift for all your favorite Swedes. It's a perfect size for a thank-you gift, hostess gift, or for anyone on your list. The milk and dark chocolate horses are filled with delicious caramel, hazelnut, Swedish punsch, Swedish polkamint truffle, gingersnap filling, and a dark chocolate with pina colada filling. 18 individually wrapped chocolates in a box (3 of each flavor). 180 grams, 6.4 oz. Dalecarlian Chocolates from Sweden. 

    Best by date July 27, 2019.

    3 each of the following:
    dark chocolate w/ pina colada filling
    dark chocolate w/ punch filling
    milk chocolate w/ caramel filling
    milk chocolate w/ polkamint filling
    milk chocolate w/ hazelnut filling
    milk chocolate w/ gingersnap filling