Notecards - Boxed Set of 8 (Jul & Sommar)

Notecards - Boxed Set of 8 (Jul & Sommar)
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    These beautiful boxed notecards feature a painting of a dish associated with either Christmas or summer on their front and the recipe for the dish on their back. The artwork is by Peter Nielsen. The cards are approximately 6" by 4" and are blank inside. Envelopes are included. 

    The Taste of Jul cards include: aebleskiver, panforte, Julesmåkager (Christmas cookies), kanderade äpplen (candied apples), risalamande, pepparkakshus, glögg, apelsiner med kryddnejlika och apelsinglass (oranges with cloves and orange ice cream). 

    The Taste of Sommar cards include: Jordbaer med flode (strawberries with cream); Gammeldags grydestegt kylling med agurkesalat (pot-roasted chicken with sliced cucumber); Nye kartofler med dild og stegt sild (new potatoes with dill & fried herring); Stegte rodspaetter med juemmerort remoulade og persille (fried plaice with remoulade & parsley); Fjordrejer med dild, citron og hjemmerort mayonnaise (Fiord shirmps with dill, lemon & mayonnaise); Salat med tomater, peberfrugter og ost (salad with tomatoes, peppers & cheese); Kalvefrikassé med nye gulerodder og aerter (veal fricassee with new carrots & peas); and Pandekager med baerkompot og vaniljeis (pancakes with stewed berries & vanilla ice cream). 

    Please specify which type you would prefer: Sommar or Jul.