Ballograf Pen and Pencil Set - Opus

Ballograf Pen and Pencil Set - Opus
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    Opus is Ballograf's newest style. It has an oversized rubberlike barrel for a comfortable grip, even if your writing tasks take some time. The ballpoint pen is made with Ballograf's superior interior works. The easy-writing pencil is made with a special lead mechanism that makes it almost impossible to accidentally break the lead while writing. Brushed chrome body. Made in Sweden. Please specify color when ordering. Available in Black, Blue or Red.

    Write with Swedish-engineered quality! Swedish-made Ballograf pens were rated second best of all tested pens in a European study of ballpoint pens. Second best? Yes, but the top rated pen cost almost $100! Ballograf gives you tested, guaranteed quality, affordably. All pens come with blue-medium ink. Gift-boxed.
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