Etched "Stockholm" Coffee Mugs, Swedish Designs, set of 4

Etched "Stockholm" Coffee Mugs, Swedish Designs, set of 4
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    For your morning or after-dinner coffee, these hand-etched glass mugs with Swedish designs are stylish, yet tough enough to handle everyday use. Designed and etched in our Hemslöjd workshop, the 10 oz. clear glass mugs are decorated with four different hand-etched Swedish designs for you to mix or match. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Specify style: THREE CROWNS, DALA HORSE, VIKING SHIP, SWEDISH MOOSE, or MIXED (one of each).

    This caution comes from Libbey Glassware, the manufacturer of these mugs: Before pouring steaming hot drinks, always pre-heat the glass or be sure to insert a metal spoon to help absourb the heat.
    Dala Horse
    Three Crowns
    Viking Ship
    Swedish Moose
    Mixed Set