Dala Horse Sign, 11" solid wood

Dala Horse Sign, 11" solid wood
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    This sign is 11" tall and wide, and about 2" thick. See below for other sizes.
    The Dala Horse, originally a toy created by Swedish wood carvers over a century ago, has inspired a new tradition from Lindsborg craftsmen. Since 1984, Hemslöjd has handcrafted Personalized Dala Horse Signs for homes all around the world.
    Hemslöjd's Wooden Dala Horse Sign is completely handmade in our workshop in Lindsborg. We start with planks of basswood, then cut out and shape the Dala horses adding extra detailing around the neck and head.  Each sign is hand-decorated and lettered on both sides by Hemslöjd's folk-artists. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery of this personalized item. Our Dala Horse Sign is weather-hardy and made to be displayed outdoors.
    PLEASE NOTE! When ordering, please specify the inscriptions you want lettered on both sides (left and right) of your Dala Horse Sign. (If you're riding the horse, your left leg is on the horse's left side, and your right leg on the horse's right side.) Most popular are: family name, "Välkommen" or "Kom igen" ("welcome" or "come again" in Swedish). We can also letter your house number or "welcome" in many other languages. Most inscriptions are limited to 10 characters.Chains, screw-eyes and easy display instructions are included with each horse. Display bracket sold separately.

    Horse may be purchased on a wooden base for an additional $12.00 see item # 1015.




    14" Solid Wood Dala Horse Sign

    14"T x 14"W x 2"D

    11" Solid Wood Dala Horse Sign

    11"T x 11"W x 2"D

    14" Thin Profile Dala Horse Sign

    14"T x 14"W x .5"D

    11" Thin Profile Dala Horse Sign

    11"T x 11"W x .5"D
    Left Side Inscription:
    Right Side Inscription:
    Traditional Red-Orange