Handbook of Scandinavian Names (book)

Handbook of Scandinavian Names (book)
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    Are you looking for a Scandinavian name for your baby? Then this is the book for you!

    But don't let the cute little Viking on the cover of this book fool you! -- There’s much more here, too. While names and naming practices and customs are similar in the Nordic countries --primarily Norway, Sweden and Denmark in this book-- there are differences, too. The book begins with a dictionary of Scandinavian first names, with the pronunciation, meanings, history and popularity of the names. This exploration into Scandinavian names then goes on to look at surnames, a very interesting aspect of history, immigration and genealogy. --Sweden, Norway and Denmark all have patronymic surnames ending with "son" or "sen." But did you know that 70% of Norwegian surnames are farm names (Grotnes, Haugen, Harstad)? And Swedes are as likely to have ornamental surnames (Lindquist, Ekblad, Sjogren) as patronymic names (Ol(s)son, Anders(s)on).

    Baby names, popular names, royal names, names from Norse Mythology and Viking days, plus so much more. This is a very interesting book! By Nancy L. Coleman, Olav Veka. 184 pages, softcover.