Ambessa Tea - Lingonberry Green - by Marcus Samuelsson

Ambessa Tea - Lingonberry Green - by Marcus Samuelsson
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    Marcus Samuelsson's story is inspiring and exciting. Orphaned as a toddler in Ethiopia, he was adopted by a Swedish family. His culinary training began as a child when he learned to cook by helping and watching Helga, his Swedish grandmother. From those roots, Marcus has exploded on the culinary scene and is a huge star today. He studied and worked throughout Europe, and, in 1994, his journey landed him in the US. Marcus Samuelsson has made a name for himself as restaurant owner, TV chef, cookbook author, and chef for White House dinners.

    Taking inspiration from his Swedish roots, Marcus Samuelsson presents Ambessa, a new line of tea. In Lingonberry Green, years of Japanese and Scandinavian tradition come together in this elegant blend. The fruit-forward notes of tart Nordic lingonberries strike a delicate balance with the refreshing green tea. Time for a sweet, teatime indulgence. There are 20 sachets in each tin. 1.4 oz.

    Ingredients: Japanese Green Tea, Lingonberries, natural and artificial flavors, and red cornflowers.