Green "Karin" Electric Candlestick Lamp, 7 candles

Green "Karin" Electric Candlestick Lamp, 7 candles
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    Scandinavians like to have a light in the window all during the Advent Season. This seven-candle electric candlestick is one of their favorite holiday window decorations. We think it's also nice on a mantle or table. It's made of Swedish pine, then glazed in green lacquer. This one is pine-green and has red wooden candle-cups at the base of the candles, so it's a bit fancier than our other candle-sticks. Candle-rings included. Wired for U.S. current. Long cord with on-off switch. 14.5" H, 16.5" W. $45.95 each when you buy 3 or more!